Hedeby/Haithabu Arrow head T6


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T6 Hedeby/Haithabu Arrow head.

We are delighted to present these wonderful close copies of the original head, they are made in the sunny North of  England from Mild steel (High Carbon available upon request POA)

The T6, the second transverse broadhead from the dig site. This head is of substantial difference to T5, having an integral (not stepped) tang, an oval transverse wing and a thinner broadhead similar to T2. The tang measures 55mm in length, 5mm round in cross section bar the last 10mm, wherein it tapers down to a fine 0.5mm point. The wing measures 35mm in total length, 14mm in width and 2mm at it’s thinnest point. The blade measures 53mm in length, 13mm in width and 4mm at the spine, tapering out along the length.


Spurensuche Haithabu, Kurt Schiezel, 2014, page 569

*****Please note that these are made to order and will take 3-4 weeks to arrive*****


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