Hand Thrown Cup


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We are delighted to offer for sale these lovely hand thrown cups, they follow the shape and simple decoration of various excavated examples from the 8th-13th Centuries. Please note: these cups have a internal and rim glaze to meet modern sanitary expectations and are suitable for hot and cold liquids.

We will select 1 cup at random form the box they do vary in size and shape as each is hand thrown but generally they hold 2-300 ml, if there is a specific feature you would like please leave a note on your order and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Suitable for portrayal of a 8th – 13th C ‘European’ persona.

These cups are accepted for use within:

The Vikings.

Regia Anglorum.

Historia Normannis


Many other Groups and Societies also accept these for use, if in doubt please check with your group/society Authenticity/Provenance Officer or refer to your kit Guides. If you would like to add your Group or Society to the above list please let us know.

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