Dorestad Two Toggle Turn Boot 10th C


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Dorestad Two Toggle Turn Boot 10th C

We are delighted to offer for sale these close copies of the original shoes.

The uppers are made from 2-2.5mm Veg tan cow hide joined by hand sewn edge butted seams.

The soles are thick 6 mm+ veg-tan cow hide, they soles are hand sewn using the original type 1 method (grain/flesh & tunnel Stitch) and and have a triangular heal raiser (type a) .

The shoes closed by 2 adjustable rolled leather Toggles and flap receivers.

Suitable for portrayal of a 10th C ‘European’ persona.

These shoes are officially certified & encouraged for use by:

The Vikings

Regia Anglorum.


Dorestad NL, Goubitz 1997a, p. 431, fig 6 (900ad)

Whilst these are based on the Dorestad shoe similar examples are found throughout the 9th – 11th Century world. Other examples ( some fragmentary) have been found in the following locations:

Middelburg NL, Braat 1942, p24, fig. 17, no.2 (X)

Middelburg NL, Braat 1942, p24, fig. 17, no.6 (X)

Many other Groups and Societies also accept these for use, if in doubt please check with your group/society Authenticity/Provenance Officer or refer to your kit Guides. If you would like to add your Group or Society to the above list please let us know.

***** Socks not included!****

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