MOM’s All Natural Homemade Leather Grease 50ml Home size

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MOM’s All Natural Home Made Leather Grease.

We have often been asked what we would recommend to use to care for our leather goods, shoes and boots. Nothing available quite ticked all the boxes for us so we thought we would make our own.

So after nearly 15 years of not getting around to it MOM is proud to bring you their own bespoke formula which includes Pure Beeswax, Organic Cocoa butter and a selection of natural oils all blended together to protect and condition your leather.

Apply evenly by hand or with a cloth in a circular motion, allow to dry and buff with a clean cloth.


This product may slightly darken your leather, please test on a small area first.

Store upright in a cool place, do not leave in direct sun light.

2 reviews for MOM’s All Natural Homemade Leather Grease 50ml Home size

  1. Druva (verified owner)

    Today I tried out MOM’s Home-Made Leather Grease.
    I decided to see how good this stuff is. And how far the small 20ml tub would go. My first thought was ‘I hope this goes far’; context – from my usual pot of leather dubbin, I tend to apply rather generously.
    So, to begin, I got my Vike shoes (still with that Hastings clay mud on them), used a light brush to get the mud off, and then use a chamois leather cloth to ‘touch’ the MLG (Mom’s Leather Grease), and proceeded to see how it went. The MLG softens very easily, and is smooth with no grains, and is transparent.
    To say it went well, would be somewhat of an understatement. The MLG was like a glass of cool water to a man dying of thirst in a desert! Immediately, the natural lustre and healthy tone of the leather came back, and it looked GOOD. Best of all, it did not take much at all. I soon eschewed the chamois leather cloth, and used my finger tips to directly apply and rub in in. I did my Vike shoes, my GF’s Vike shoes, my emergency spare pair of Vike shoes, Work boots, my comfy everyday boots, water bottle, scabbard, phone case…you get the idea. I got carried away with how good this stuff is that I was actively searching for more stuff to use MLG on. I even tried it on some plain veg-tan strips that I had (because the reverse of the tin mentioned that it may darken natural veg-tan). Not more than to be expected!
    Tap test done. For comparison, 2 veg-tan leather strips, one with MLG and one without. The untreated strip absorbs the water as per usual, and is wet. The treated strip? Water just rolls right off. Top finish! Not just feeding the leather, but giving it a decent coat as well.
    The only thing that I have not done yet, is my hat…but that may change soon.
    The best part? On the original 20ml, there is still approx. just over 5ml left! heck! In comparison to my leather dubbin that I used before, whereas that is normally very soft, and more grease-like in texture, MLG is more ‘solid’, but as mentioned earlier, it softens very easily. It’s going to last for a rather long while. I have already placed an order for a larger tub.
    Druva – Viking Re-enactor, Leather worker, Craftsman.

    • Luke Holbrook

      Hey Dude, absolutely thrilled that you love MLG as much as we do, it has taken years to perfect but we have it nailed now 🙂

      Luke, Steff & Hannah
      The MOM Crew

  2. Natasha (verified owner)

    Highly recommend! Turns any leather to brand new. Cant wait to try it out on my docs!

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