York, type A2 Coppergate 15615 Seax set


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We are delighted to offer this hand made Seax and sheath set as part of our updated range.

Seax – The blade is a high carbon tool steel with a fine cutting edge mounted in an Spalted Beech wood and Reindeer handle

Sheath – Very close copy of the Type A2  Coppergate 15615 sheath with a small amount of my own interpretation, presented in hand tooled brown cow leather with copper alloy closure rivets.

Please allow some variation in colour due to differences in monitor resolution.

Suitable for portrayal of a 10th-11th C ‘Anglo-Scandinavian’ persona.

This Seax set is accepted for use within:

The Vikings (NFPS)

Regia Anglorum.

Many other Groups and Societies also accept these for use, if in doubt please check with your group/society Authenticity/Provenance Officer or refer to your kit Guides. If you would like to add your Group or Society to the above list please let us know.


Sheath – Leather and Leatherworking in Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval York – Q.Mould, I.Carlisle & E.Cameron, Page 3372 fig: 1694 & page 3496

Seax – Anglo-Scandinavian ironwork from 16-22 Coppergate, York : c.850-1100 A.D.

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