Viking Coin. Hedeby, Lund & Birka, 870-890 AD


This is a reproduction of a find from Lund, Denmark. Ship type, circa 870-890AD and is made using English Pewter.

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Viking Coin. Lund, Hedeby & Birka, 870-890 AD


Statens historiska museum

We are delighted to offer for sale these close copies of the original coin.

The Coin is hand struck with our own hand cut dies, The coin is available in either lead free English Pewter or fine (925) Silver (POA)

These make a great addition to any pouch or Living history dice game, Suitable for all cultures of the period.

These coins are accepted for use within:

The Vikings (NFPS)

Regia Anglorum.

Many other Groups and Societies also accept these for use, if in doubt please check with your group/society Authenticity/Provenance Officer or refer to your kit Guides. If you would like to add your Group or Society to the above list please let us know

What do we know about this coin?

It was most likely struck in Hedeby, Denmark, it was found in a grave north of the fort at Birka, Sweden.

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