Hedeby/Haithabu Arrow head M7


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M7 Hedeby/Haithabu Arrow head.

We are delighted to present these wonderful close copies of the original head, they are made in the sunny North of  England from Mild steel (High Carbon available upon request POA)

The M7, an ornamented trefoil of approximately 80mm in length, with 3 chisel-cut rings segmenting the ferrule. The tang measures 18mm in length, the ferrule being 23mm in length. At the shoulder to the tang, the ferrule measures 7mm round, and is 4mm round either side of the ornamented rings.
The rings measure 6mm in diameter. The head is 35mm in length and is 8mm wide on each face. The fuller cut into each face is 2.5mm deep.


Spurensuche Haithabu, Kurt Schiezel, 2014, page 569

*****Please note that these are made to order and will take 3-4 weeks to arrive*****


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