Dublin DLS 22, Christchurch Place 1035-1055ad, Seax Set


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We are delighted to offer this hand made Seax and sheath set as part of our updated range.

Seax – The blade is a high carbon tool steel with a fine cutting edge mounted in an Beech wood and Reindeer handle

Sheath – A close copy of the Dublin DLS 22, Christchurch Place with a small amount of my own interpretation, presented Brown cow leather & closed with a straight stich

Please allow some variation in colour due to differences in monitor resolution.

Suitable for portrayal of a mid 9th C ‘Irish/Hiberno-Norse’ persona.

This Seax set is accepted for use within:

The Vikings (NFPS)

Regia Anglorum.

Many other Groups and Societies also accept these for use, if in doubt please check with your group/society Authenticity/Provenance Officer or refer to your kit Guides. If you would like to add your Group or Society to the above list please let us know.


Sheath – Scabbards and Sheaths from Viking and Medieval Dublin, Esther Cameron, page 75 fig 27.

Seax – Drawn from sheath dimensions.

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